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Advanced Chimney Cleaning offers a wide variety of high-quality fireplace and chimney services to ensure your chimney is within building code standards and operational. Issues are frequently discovered during a routine chimney inspection.
Having your chimney swept and inspected anunually improves the air quality in your home and also prevents potential hazards such as chimney in-structure fires, creosote build-up, smoke and /or carbon monoxide, cracks and obstructions. Neglecting care of a chimney can restrict the flow of gas, causing smoke to reenter the home or even cause a fire. There are more then 18,000 chimney fires every year! Annual maintenance is recommended for all chimneys for your safety and optimum performance of your fireplace and chimney.

Factory Built Wall Replacement

If you notice deterioration or cracks in the walls or floor of the firebox, however, call us to inspect it! It’s a potential fire hazard to use a fireplace with cracks.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crown repair service for masonry fireplaces ensures your chimney is safe and avoids leaks. The chimney is vulnerable to leaks from the roofline up, and several components are designed to prevent leaks.

Factory Built Fireplace Screen Replacement

Advanced Chimney Cleaning can install and replace hearth or fireplace screens, which are designed to catch any flying sparks that may burn holes in your flooring, harm anyone near the fireplace or start a fire.

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Flue Cap Installation and Replacement for Masonry Chimneys

Flue cap installation or replacement is a fairly straightforward and inexpensive service that can prevent several problems with your chimney system and potentially save you thousands in unnecessary chimney repair expenses down the road.

Factory Built CHIMNEY Termination Cap Replacement

Factory built chimneys require a specific type of chimney cap based on the piping used for the chimney, whether it is solid insulated or air cooled. There are many types of termination caps, and your existing cap may be replaced if you have draft problems.